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Drainage Plant

Drainage Plant

 ■ Product description

The under board of PSD10(103) drainage plant is makes by high impact polystyrene (HIPS). Can resist the high pressure, will not distortion. This kind of character not only can endure the concrete weight and its load capacity, but also may endure inevitable external pressure and the impulse during the construction period, like the vehicles, worker's trample and the pouring of concrete momentum and so on (must under the condition of covering 30 centimeters soi l layers). Maintains under board not to distort for a long time, thus may maintain the original displacement. The geotextile membrane guarantees the channel not to be blocked by other substance like returned earth and concrete.

The PSD10(103) drainage plant not only in function,but also in economic is efficiently than other traditional filter. PSD10(103) is suitable for the bulkhead, the basement, the tunnel, the pitch, the flowered trough, the platform and so on. 

PSD10(103) drainage plant only have the function of draining water,it is used wildly in retaining walls, basement, tunnel, slope protection, highway roadbed. 

 ■ Application range

1. Cleaning up the rubbish at the construction place, be smoothed the cement, made the concave-convex place unobvious, there must be 2-5‰ the slope for the garage and the roof garden outdoor.

2. The afforestation of roof and garage roof outdoors may use more porously infiltrate pipes, they can drain off the water which discharges from the draining plant to sewer near by or in the neighbor city.

3. The ground of basement is water-impervious, paving drainage plant first, taper face the ground, water cannot come up because there is sub aqueous pipe around. 

4. The watertight diaphragm of basement wall, can pave the drainage plant on the surface of main building, the south of taper face to the surface of main wall, outside the drainage plant, build a single wall or use steel wire together with cement to protect the drainage plant, the seeping board outside the wall can straight to the place where collects water.

5. No matter where paving drainage plant, must pay attention to keep the soil, cement, sand entering not into the positive space of drainage plant, guarantees that the space of the drainage plant is unimpeded.

6. When paving the drainage plant, please take the protective measures as far as possible, when paving the drainage plant at the stratification plane or outdoor garage, do the filling job as soon as possible, prevented the gale influence the quality; The basement and the inner wall's waterproofing must be take measure as soon as possible, the prevention of drainage plant destructed by human or other thing.

7. The backfill is cohesive soil, paving 3-5 centimeters sands above the geotextile membrane is a good ideal, is advantageous to geotextile membrane filtered water; if the backfill is nutrition soil or light soil, it is need not to do that, because the backfill can filtered water easily.

8. When paving drainage plant, made 1 - 2joins up, joint with geotextile membrane keep no soil get into the joint and the space of drainage plant.

 ■ Products Technical Parameter

ProductColor of under plateMaterial qualityQuality
Thickness (mm)Compressive strength (kpa)Color of Geotextile MembraneMaterial quality
PSD10(103)Black/WhiteHigh Polystyrene63010320Black/WhitePolyester fiber
Hole caliber(mm)Runoff rateTensile strength(N)Quality
Specification of drainage plant(mm)Flow (L/S)Flow rate (Loss 5cm) (L/S)Flow rate (Loss 10cm) (L/S)
0.153201601501200×16660Tongji University Hydraulic Laboratory Test1.62.2

Drainage Plant
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