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3D Geocomposite net

3D Geocomposite net

 ■ Product introduction

3D Geocomposite net is made of a unique tri-dimension geonet adhibited geotextile on both sides. It has the property of geotextile (filtration function)and geonet (drainage and protection) and provide a function system "filtration-drainage-protection". The core of net with its unique tri-dimension structure can bear higher compressing load in construction and remain the certain thickness provide good water conductivity.

 ■ Product features

◆ Excellent drainage function, can bear long time high press load

◆ High tensile and shear strength

◆ Reduce the rate geotextile embedding into the core of geonet, can protect long time stable water conductivity

◆ Tri-dimension composite geonet for drainage can bear more than kpa compression load

 ■ Application range

Landfill drainage, roadbed and road drainage, railway drainage, runnel drainage, underground structure duainage, the retaining back wall drainage, gardens and sports grounds drainage.

 ■ Products Technical Parameter

Drainage network coreUnitsSpecifications
Unit weightg/m2750100013001600
Thickness OV=20kpamm5677.6
Hydraulic conductivitym/sK×10-4K×10-4K×10-3K×10-3
Tensile strength (core network)KN/m8101214
3D Geocomposite net
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