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Geomembrane composite with non-woven

Geomembrane composite with non-woven

 ■ Product introduction

It is non-permeation material that is synthetic by geotechnical fabric and geomembrane.It is mainly used in permeation proof drainage and reinforcement. Geomembrane composite with non-woven is divided into one-cloth and one-film. two-cloth and one-film, multi-cloth and multi-film. The width is 1-6m, weight is 200-1, 500g/m2,its physical performance specifications such as tearing resistance and breakage resistance are high and it can meet the needs of various projects such as water conservation,civil works,building, traffic,subway and tunnel. Since it selects high molecule material and aging proof agent is added in its production technology. It can be used in abnormal temperature environment.

 ■ Product features

1. It integrates permeation, inverse filter and drainage functions,and has various functions such as isolation and reinforcement.

2. It has high synthetic strength,large removal strength and high puncture resistance.

3. It has strong drainage capacity, large friction factor and small expansion factor.

4. It has good aging resistance.wide environmental temperature range and stable quality.

 ■ Application range

It is widely used in various projects such as water conservation, environmental protection, traffic and tunnel.

 ■ Products Technical Parameter 

Quality per unit acreage g/M24005006007008009001000
Thickness of material mm0.25-0.350.30-0.50
Mightiness at break KN/m57.5100.32141618
Elongation at break %300-100
CBR bursting strength KN1.
 Tearing strength KN0.150.250.320.40.480.560.62
 Racking strength N/cm≥6≥6
Proofed hydrostatic pressure Racking strength N/cm0.
One fabric one film Mpa0.
Two fabric one film Mpa0.50.60.811.21.41.6
Geomembrane composite with non-woven
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