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 ■ Product introduction

Geocell is a net shape partition room structrue that is formed by forced welding of wide HDPE belt with high strength. It is flexible,can be folded during transportation, extend during uxe and be filled with soi l, stone or concrete material so as to form structure with powerful lateral limit and large rigidity. It can be used as underlay layer for treating soft foundation so as to increase bearing capacity of foundation, can be also laid on slope to form slope protective structure and be used for building support structure and so on.

 ■ Product features

1、It has small weight, wearing resistance, stable chemical performance,light, aging ,acid and alkali resistance, and is suitable for different geological conditions such as soil and desert.

2、It has high lateral limit, slipping and deformation resistance,improves bearing capacity of road bed and disperses load function effectively.

3、It has high bearing capacity,good dynamic performance and strong erosion resistance.

4、The sizes of geotechnical partition room such as height and welding interval can be changed to meet different project needs.

5、It has flexible extension, small transportation volume, convenient connection and quick construction speed.

6、During construction,it can use local materials,reduce construction cost and is convenient for transportation by folding.

 ■ Application range

1.For stabilizing highway bed.

2.For stabilizing railway bed.

3.For bearing dike and retaining wall with load.

4.For harnessing shallow water river course.

5.For supporting pipeline and sewer.

6.For mixing type retaining wall that prevents landslide bears load.

7.For independent wall, dock, flood prevention dike and so on.

8.When there is soft foundation in expressway, using geotechnical patrition room can reduce construction labor intensity greatly, decrease road bed thickness, have quick construction speed and good performance, and reduce project cost greatly.

 ■ Products Technical Parameter

SpecificationHeight of chamber(cm)Weld spacin(mm)Expanding size(m2)

Physical features

ItemTermTest measure
Tensile strength meter for piece material MPa≥23GB1040-199
Weld tensile strength N/10cm≥1000GB1040-199
Tensile failure %≥600GB1040-199
Low embrittlement temperature℃≤-23 
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