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 ■ Product description

GCL-4 consists of a layer of bentonite encapsulated between two geotextiles (a nonwoven and a woven polypropylene geotextiles), needle punched together and laminated on one side to a polyethylene membrane for maximum performances under a wide variety of field conditions. This integrated matrix of bentonite and needle punched fibers provides high shear strength and allows the GCL-4 to keep low permeability even in presence of adverse installation conditions. The GCL-4 has high internal shear strength characteristics for steep slope applications.

 ■ Applications

GCL-4 is designed for below-grade vertical and horizontal structural foundation surfaces. Typical cast-in-place concrete applications include backfilled concrete walls, earth-covered roofs, structural slabs, tunnels, and property line construction. Property line construction applications include soldier pile and lagging, metal sheet piling, shotcrete and stabilized earth retention walls. Applications may include structures under continuous or intermittent Hydro-static pressure. Where contaminated ground-water or salt-water conditions exist, use GCL-4 with contaminant resistant sodium bentonite. GCL-4 resists higher levels of the following contaminant’s: nitrates, phosphates, chlorides, sulfates, lime and organic solvents.

 ■  Catalog of geosynthetices clay liner

Our GCL  have two kind of types that are GCL-NP and GCL-OF. The GCL-NP type are consisted of three layers, the top is nonwoven geotextile, the middle is sodium bentonite, and the bottom is woven geotextile. This type GCL is widely used in landfill, lagoon, river bottom, and basement and so on. The GCL-OF have four layers including the introduced three layers, which have one additional HDPE membrane bonded with the nonwoven geotextile to form the compound waterproofing layer. This kind GCL is widely used in subway, basement, tunnel, and other underground projects and salt water area and harsh environment.

Weight of bentonite granular3000g-7000g/m23500g-7500g/m24000g-10000g/m24000g-10000g/m2Can be customized as required
Water content8-12%8-12%8-12%8-12% 
Thickness of HDPE linerNo liner0.1-0.5mmNo liner0.1-0.5mm 
Swell index of bentonite granular≥24≥24≥24≥2424,25,26,27
nonwoven geotextileWeight180-300g/m2180-300g/m2180-300g/m2180-300g/m2 
Polypropylene or poPP and PET or customizedPP and PET or customizedPP and PET or customizedPP and PET or customizedPercentage of PP can be customized
Wonven fabricMaterialPolypropylenePolypropylenePolypropylenePolypropylene 
Weight110g, 130g, 150g110g, 130g, 150g110g, 130g, 150g110g, 130g, 150gUsual stock is 130g/m2 and other weight needs to be customized
Woven methodCircular or plainCircular or plainCircular or plainCircular or plain 
Tensile strength≥600N/100mm≥800N/100mm≥800N/100mm≥600N/100mm 
Peel strength≥40N/10cm≥50N/10cm≥40N/10cm≥40N/10cm 
Permeability coefficient(cm/s)≤5.0×10-11≤5.0×10-11≤5.0×10-11≤5.0×10-11 
Water resistant static pressure(0.4mpa, 1h) No leakageNo leakageNo leakageNo leakage

 ■  Specification of the GCL properties Test method  Unit  values bentonite geotextile with PE coating

propertiesTest methodUnitvalues
1.Geotextile layers: cover layer PP Nonwoven
1.1 mass per unit areaENISO 9864g/sqm>200
Carrier layer: PP woven
2.1 mass per unit areaENISO 9864g/sqm130
2.2 mass per unit area for PE coatingENISO 9864g/sqm≥100
Bentonite layer: sodium bentonite granule
3.1 mass per unit areaEN 14196g/sqm≥3600
3.2 swell indexASTM D5890ml/2g≥24
3.3 fluid lossASTM D 5891Ml<18
Geosynthetic clay liner:
4.1 mass per unit area:EN14196(clay +geotextile)g/sqm≥3900
4.2 thicknessEN ISO9863-1Mm>6.0
4.3 max tensile strength, md/cmdENISO10319KN/M≥7.0/7.0
4.4 peel strengthASTM D6496KN/M≥360
4.5 Permeability coefficientEN14150m/s≤5.0×10-10
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